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MelHaven DeSign would like to present to you a truly unique product.  Our crystal nail files are imported from the Czech Republic, and patented in many countries worldwide.  Why would you be interested in a crystal nail file and not any other nail file?  A crystal nail file is friendly to the environment and has excellent qualities that make it superior to other nail files.  A few of these qualities include:

  • The float glass from which the file is manufactured out of has no adverse effects on humans or animals.  Being made out of glass, it does not contain heavy metals, undesirable elements, or additives.

  • The surface of the file is manufactured from a single layer of material which requires no use of bonding agents between layers including the filing surface.

  • In comparison to many other nail files constructed out of paper and metal products, the filing surface of the crystal glass nail file will never wear down therefore lasting forever.

  • The surface of the crystal nail file is remarkably simple to maintain because it is not harmed by contact with water or other liquids.  You can even wash your glass nail file with running water in the sink.

  • Crystal nail files appear smooth to the user while also being uniform and dense.  It appears as a delicate-yet-effective instrument.  There is no need to use a nail file made of a different material after using a crystal nail file.

  • Each and every nail file is chemically hardened making it resistant to impact and heavy force.  This characteristic in combination with the non-eroding surface make the file a product that will endure forever.

  • If you should accidentally break the nail file (either due to bending it too far or dropping it from a great height), the edges of the file usually break in such a way that they are blunt virtually eliminating all possibilities of injury.

  • Many users who have experience with regular usage of a crystal nail file tell us that it prevents the chipping of nails.

  • Submerged in water prior to use, a crystal nail file can be used to shape and sharpen artificial nails regardless of their material.

  • The crystal nail file is an excellent tool for removing dead skin on the feet and elbows while leaving the live skin unharmed. 


Price List

Mini 3 1/2 Colored or Hand Painted Handle $8.00
Regular 5 1/2 Colored or Hand Painted Handle $10.00
Pedicure 7 1/2 Colored or Hand Painted Handle $12.00
3 - File Set Colored or Hand Painted Handle $28.00

Laser Engraved Free

Plastic case included.
$3.50 Shipping & Handling

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