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Who we are and How we do it


We use a CO2 laser to accomplish our engraving. The CO2 lasers will mark and cut many materials, but will not mark or cut metals. We mark metals by using a compoud that chemically bonds to the metal to give a black mark. If metal is coated, the laser will remove the coating leaving the bare metal to show.

On glass and mirror, the laser will mark it by fracturing the surface giving a frosted look to the engraving. Glass and mirror cannot be cut with the laser.

On wood, leather, and acrylic the laser will cut to any shape and engrave with amazing detail. Photos can be engraved on most materials, as well and any design and text.

Having worked with the laser for over 7 years, we have become experts in designing and engraving photos. We have very satisfied customers. There is no project to small or complicated for us. You will find that we are very competitive with prices and top notch quality.